‘Tiger’, who came for chi

Much as I dislike obscure/punning blog post titles,  I’m afraid I couldn’t resist this one. ‘Tiger’ refers to children’s TV legend Debbie Russ, who played this role in the popular 70’s Saturday morning sitcom Here Come the Double Deckers!. And ‘chi’ is, of course, the “natural life force”, or “energy flow” that is “…the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine…” (thank you, Wikipedia). The two came together last year when Debbie (who currently works as a news presenter for Radio Jackie) agreed to ‘get on board’ a series of videos I’d been commissioned to produce for Dr Felicity Bishop at the University of Southampton’s School of Psychology. The plan was to produce the videos for a research project aimed at measuring changing attitudes to acupuncture treatment and placebo. The script I devised with Dr Bishop and her team required an acupuncture expert, a patient with back pain, some animation and an experienced presenter who was willing to be ‘needled’ in the cause of progress – cue Debbie.

Filming, at the University of Southampton’s School of Health Sciences, went very smoothly. It was a real pleasure to work with Debbie, who brought her considerable experience in front of the camera to the project. I then spent several days producing animated infographics, which were finished by Rob Hull at Block and Ball Films (who also worked as cameraman on the shoot). Once my initial edits were agreed with the client team, the final voice over was recorded by Debbie at a morning session with Dubmaster in Alton, the edit was finalised, and then encoded for distribution via the LifeGuide research interface.

Now, after a year-long embargo (while the research was undertaken), I can publish the videos. I hope you like them:

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