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How I made my version of ‘Pretty Saro’

In this post I present a screen recording (screencast) that demonstrates the tools referred to in my previous post, ‘Using ‘open’ resources for digital storytelling’. To set the scene, here’s my video, Pretty Saro, that I refer to in the demo: more »

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Using ‘open’ resources for digital storytelling

The recent release of previously unpublished performances by Bob Dylan and the associated Pretty Saro video, produced by Jennifer Lebeau, which makes extensive use of archive photographs hosted by the US Library of Congress, has highlighted the usefulness of ‘open’ more »

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Found sound #1

Ahhh – low band u-matic! This lo-fi offering is the first of what is likely to be a very infrequent series of ‘found sound’ from my collection. It’s a radio advert I commissioned from Festival Radio to promote Lighthouse Film more »

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