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I attended a highly inspirational talk at the Ordnance Survey last Thursday. The key speaker, Chief Technology Officer at the UK Government’s Cabinet Office, Liam Maxwell, spoke on “Government as a Platform” (GaaP) under the auspices of the Southern Policy more »

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By way of contributing a little something to the public record, I’ve published an edited version of a video I made with the help of fellow students in 1984, while I was in the final year of a film production course more »

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Relax on our sofas and watch some of the best new short films from around the world. On Saturday, 6 December 2014 the 6th annual Couch Fest Film Festival will be held in residential homes and alternative venues around the more »

University of Southampton library/Jessie Hey © 2006/CC BY 2.0 Phew! Examinations and essay writing are now over for my MSc in Web Science course and I’m now preparing to start my summer dissertation project. Two supervisors have agreed to oversee the progress of more »

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Tim Berners-Lee, the main architect of the World Wide Web (W3), developed the system while working for CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in the late 1980s. W3 was developed to overcome difficulties with managing information exchange via the more »

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Using MACs in the Computer Laboratory/University of Exeter ©2008/CC BY 2.0 The way we learn and the tools we use to extend our capacity for learning have always been closely interrelated. Over 2000 years ago wax tablets enabled learners to more »

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Introduction The Royal Society’s influential paper on the use and misuse of risk analysis asserts that “[a]ny corporation, public utility or government will react to criticism of its activities by seeking…new ways to further the acceptable image of their activities” more »

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On the eve of his appearance to give evidence at the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee on Open Access in November 2013, OA Evangelist, Professor Stevan Harnad spoke about his concerns following the UK government’s’ apparent u-turn on Green Open Access. Acting more »

Last Saturday I attended Speakerthon, a collaborative web-enhancement event organised by BBC R&D and Wikimedia UK. The aim of the day was to interrogate the BBC Radio 4’s permanently available archive (e.g. The Woman’s Hour Collection), select clips of notable people speaking and add them more »

Found Blur Motion/ilouque ©2011/CC BY 2.0 Earlier this month, Dr Lisa Bernasek, Academic Coordinator for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies approached us with a request for assistance. Like many academics who recognise the benefits blogging in support of learning, Lisa more »

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